Analysis of publications

The most important thing for all graduate students: you need to read a lot, if you do not read, you cannot pretend that you in your field know something. It is necessary to view all the main journals and, most importantly, the books. It takes time. A dissertation without a good, qualified review is not a dissertation. Sometimes more than one specialist is needed and the students apply to online essay writing services and similar agencies. The supervisor can help by specifying which main journals to read, which basic articles in the field one should know. It is very important that when you read, you must create for yourself a certain image of the region, this image of the region is not created simply by enumerating the read works, you need a certain look.

The thesis is a certain view of the problem; a dissertation review is not just a list of works. The review, which simply retells the work of others, will not be interested by anyone. In the review, through known ideas and your results, known facts should be refracted.

Another important component of a good dissertation is a good education. Before starting any scientific work, you need to get some basic knowledge. Do not rely on the fact that “on the fingers” will be able to get a serious scientific result. Science has existed for more than 4000 years and everything that could be obtained without education was received 3,900 years ago.

Newton once said that he saw beyond others, because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Do not forget about this, try to climb the shoulders of giants, from there an amazing landscape will open.

The structure of the dissertation. First, never write an autobiography, do not write how you came to the results, you must state the theory, and not how you came to this.

Now the name. Any thesis begins with a title.

The title should reflect what you write in the dissertation. The name of the type “Study of patterns of this and that kind” is a meaningless thing. You cannot start a dissertation with the word “research”, any thesis is a study.

I was once taught that an article(essay) should contain a solution to one task, not two, not one and a half, but one, and this applies especially to publications in the West. If you send an article to a Western magazine in which you solve two problems simultaneously, you must have a level of at least the Nobel laureate. This can afford a very limited number of people. And they, by the way, do not allow. The article contains the solution of one problem. The thesis, on the contrary, can contain a solution to several problems. The other pole is American dissertations in good universities, when the thesis consists of four chapters, each chapter is written on different topics. This shows the qualification of a person in different areas, naturally conjugate. A dissertation is a book, and a book can contain more than one task.