Contest essay: 9 ways to increase your chances of winning

The essay contest is, perhaps, one of the most intriguing events for any high college essay writer. This is an opportunity to accept the challenge and fight in duels of creativity with other people. If the primacy of content in search results is often ambiguous and dynamic, then in essay competitions, sometimes taking an honorable second place means one thing is to lose. That’s why today we will consider how, participating in the essay contest, to increase your chances of winning using copywriting techniques.
Of course, no advice or recommendation will give you a 100% guarantee of success, but you can always increase your chances of winning if you pay attention to a number of details.
The essay contest refers to a form of free copywriting, which you can also find in our service. You write text, spend your energy, time, ideas, but there is no guarantee that you will get anything for your work. Today we will start with theory: the essay is a literary prose genre that stands out: small volume, free content, associations, impressions of the author.
The key factor is free content. This means that the author is untied in terms of presenting information and its structure. However, almost every high college essay contest has a strict scope of limitations – the amount of text. That’s why it’s not enough to have thoughts on the topic, they need to be presented competently. So, what can increase the chances of winning the essay contest:

1. Original idea
The original idea is about 75% of the success. This is the main thing that you should bet on. If you imagine that a few ideal essays will be exhibited, eventually the winner will be the one whose idea is most “jammed” by the jury. That is why it is worthwhile to pay particular attention to the elaboration of the idea.

2. The logical structure of the essay
The structure of the essay can be very diverse, but try to be logical and consistent. Use the principle of “inverted pyramid” or not – it depends on you, but try to make the text “unfold” before the reader smoothly, without sudden jumps from one thought to another, and then to the third.

3. Answers to questions
For all, the essay competition is an opportunity to present your thoughts in the form of text before the jury. But the human mind is so arranged that thoughts are most often represented in the form of questions. “What will happen if …?”, “Why cannot we …?”, “How long will it take …?”. Let’s put ourselves in the jury’s place. You read someone else’s text, in which a lot of abstract questions are unanswered. Moreover, you do not have one or two texts. To think about each of them is a thankless task. Moreover, thinking about the question, you cannot follow the main idea further in the text. As a result, much more time and energy is spent. That’s why try to answer the questions in the essay, justifying them, if necessary.

4. Examples in the essay
Examples – this is another useful point that can be successfully used in the essay competition. Any statements look complete and do not cause unnecessary questions if they come with examples. Examples allow a little distraction from the author’s flow of thoughts and bring a healthy color to the text. An essay with examples makes a stronger impression on the reader, looks more saturated and dilutes the monotony of reasoning. That’s why, if you give examples in the essay – this is a big plus. However, here, as in everything, it’s worth knowing the measure.
5. Impression: putting ourselves in the jury’s place
Any essay contest requires the author to impress the members of the jury. To do this, you need to write an essay so that the jury was interested in reading it. And in order to understand what the jury is interested in, try to put yourself in its place.

6. Making an essay
Very often there are so-called “monolithic essays”. They are written as a whole block of text. And now imagine that the jury needs to read 10-50-100 of these essays per day. And even if it’s small print? Eyes are filled with blood and fatigue appears.
8. The integrity of the essay
The essay contest places restrictions on the amount of text. That is why, within the limits of these limitations, the author needs to convey his thought as fully as possible to the reader. And do not forget one important rule, which is especially relevant for the essay: any text should be like a ball: it should open the question so completely that it does not leave unnecessary questions.

9. Inspiration
Finally, do not forget that the best work is written on inspiration, only then you can feel yourself a real professional essay writer.