How to write the texts of articles?

Now about how to write the texts of articles. There are some technologies. As I said, there must necessarily be about the relevance, it can be said in one sentence. I myself review about 20 works per year for Western magazines. If you are writing to the West work that “grew” from nowhere, if it is not told where the work came from, if it is not told how it relates to other works in this area, believe that 99% of reviewers will simply close it on the first page and then even will not be considered. Everyone has too much to do, so you have to prove that you have done something new that deserves publication in this magazine.

One more thing. Do not invent notations that are not accepted in the world, we are very fond of inventing our own notation, our own terms. Excuse me, for whom is the article written? It is written for the scientific community, if you use terminology and notation other than in the community, why you should expect that the community will look at your work. No one will look. It’s always the same mistake. In addition, try not to use designations that, with typographical errors, can distort the meaning of the text.

Now a few words about how to write text, some technology. When you write the 30th article, the process is already established, but if you write your first article, then try the following method. If you want to formulate some idea, write a sentence, look at it, try to write this thought in the form of another sentence, and do the same in 3-4 ways.

No less important thing – the proposals should be short, you cannot write sentences of 6-7 lines, in English, even more so. In English there are absolutely wonderful texts with long sentences. The father of cybernetics, Norbert Wiener, sometimes wrote long sentences, but you cannot imagine how beautiful this language is.

Do not abuse footnotes, no editorial staff likes footnotes, the fewer footnotes, the better, try to “fold” thoughts into the main text. There are few journals in the humanities, where large footnotes make sense.

I would like to draw your attention to what is absolutely unacceptable in Western journals, and so many of our people are guilty of this. Your assessments of situations should sound quite different: as far as I know, this problem was not considered by other scientists. Or: attempts to address this problem have been made in such and such articles, but they did not consider this and that, but what you did.

I would also like to add that one must treat his articles as his own children. Hardly anyone would want his child to be cleanly dressed, but his face and hands were dirty. The last point in the whole this work it is great design and you can make sure that you are the best essay writer even among the all online essay writing services.