Treatises in the essay are not necessary

Composition is a homework assignment. For the selection committee it does not matter where and when it is written: the main thing is that it should be an independent and sincere work. Admission committee experts say that they tried to distinguish between what kind of work the candidate himself has done and what kind of work he has done to an outsider essay writer or essay writing essay service, for a long time. To do this, it is enough to compare the candidate’s syllable with his manner of presentation in the performance of written tests. What are the basic requirements for the essay? One of the most important is the size of the composition. Teachers of business schools do not recommend writing a very large or very small work. The optimal size is five to seven pages. The second advice is not to abuse long, intricate phrases. Such texts look abstruse and difficult to comprehend. It is better when long phrases alternate with short sentences. Spelling and grammar are just as important as the content of the essay, so once again double-check the text so that the commission does not seem to be an illiterate person. Applicants for whom English is not native, business schools make allowances and, naturally, do not expect from them works written in brilliant language. Rather the contrary, some clumsiness of the foreigner’s syllable will be an additional argument in favor of the fact that he wrote the essay himself. A number of generally accepted standards concern the content of the essay. It must necessarily have a direct and unambiguous answer to the question posed. Regardless of the topic, the entrant must convincingly argue in the essay why he wants to study at this business school.

It is believed that the main components of a good essay – its introduction and conclusion. The introduction can be considered successful, if from the first sentence it causes the reader to read the work to the end. A conclusion should summarize what was written, once again briefly reminding the reader of the most winning points. Teachers of business schools offer applicants not to strain too much in their striving to make a good impression of themselves. Sometimes this gives the opposite result. It is better that the work seemed natural, but it was written in a living language. No less important advice is to illustrate the main points with interesting examples from your own life. Sometimes it turns out to be useful to season the work with ridiculous incidents. Such an essay will not exactly cause yawning in the examiner, but, on the contrary, will be read in one breath, and you will not resort to the help of an online essay writing services.